Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley WIP

Hi guys, I have been working all day on this piece and I have come to a stand still. The face is done and everything else does need more work but I am having trouble with her hair; before I used to just draw the hair how I saw it and it always looked matted and horrible with no detail or definition so I decided to change it about and I decided to do it in three layers. This is definitely a challenge for me and it may take longer than I want it to take but I hope once it is complete and everything has come together it would be the best hair I've ever drawn, hopefully lol.

My partner tells me that this is my best portrait to date; part of me sees that and then a part of me isn't sure until I see it finished.

I'm pushing myself to finish this piece tomorrow so it will be finished by Friday whether that will work I don't know as I've never been any good with time management but I'm trying and I suppose all I need to do is practice. I really hope this piece comes out really good once complete as I do want this to be my best portrait to date.

Enjoy. x