Saturday, 21 September 2013

Korben - Umbrella Cockatoo WIP

Back in June me and my p'art'ner went to Paradise Park (Cornwall's top wildlife sanctuary), while we were there we met a very chatty Umbrella Cockatoo who is also with me in my profile picture. I did not manage to get his name so I have named him Korben :-). I took many pictures of him, as he loved the camera and I didn't want to leave him. Me and my partner didn't want to leave the park just because of this one bird. So I just had to draw him!

I am making this piece a little different to the other portraits that I have done with other animals, as Korben was in a cage in the park and I so wanted to set him free, I decided to draw him half in the cage and half out. This way the cage doesn't take up the whole piece and it also looks like he has been set free! 

So far I have spent a couple of hours on this piece and I can't wait to have him finished. Enjoy!