Saturday, 27 July 2013

Purrrfect Portrait

The portrait of my boyfriends cat named Egg. When I first saw this picture I didn't actually think a cat would be able top scrunch his face up and poke his tongue out but apparently they can and because he did I couldn't help but draw him. It has taken me a while as I had to go away to Norfolk for a long weekend and during that weekend I just couldn't stop thinking about this unfinished furry friend that was sitting next to my pencils.

Now that I'm back and have things under way I can continue and focus solely on my drawings and get as much done as possible.

I faced so many challenges with Egg that I didn't think it would look good once finished but I was wrong and I once again doubted myself, I am really glad with how this piece came out and I can't wait to start my other pieces.

Enjoy! x