Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Cards, Crafts & Headaches :)

As you guys most likely know by now hopefully, I draw and have been drawing from the age of nine. Through time I have tried to do craft stuff but never succeeded as I didn't know how and from my small need of everything having to be in order I didn't attempt because I didn't want to turn something fun into a mission.

So last week I asked my boyfriend's mum if she could make me a card for my cousin who had just moved into her new home and she suggested I make it myself; I saw red my mind started racing with all these ideas and designs I didn't know what to do.  But with Julies guidance and advice I managed to pop a card out a simple Home Sweet Home card.

After that I wanted to actually make more so I asked if I could make another card for my cousin whose birthday was a week later and I have just finished it. I designed drawn up took measurements and put in line everything I wanted this card to be not only on paper but also in my mind like I do with every drawing I do;  it gave me a headache. It is finished and I love it and I hope she does aswell.